The development of the Color Data Matrix code has been carried out by Sinerlab Srl jointly with Top Finish 2002 S.r.l. as part of a project funded by Regione Toscana through the Bando Unico R & D 2008 - DR n. 6744 of December 31, 2008 and subsequent amendments.

The aim of the project was to develop a method for product traceability and anti-forgery, that could be used in the fashion industry, with particular reference to leather goods, clothing and accessories.
The idea behind the project was to create a code that could be used as a real "portable database" to attach to each item in order to guarantee its traceability and raising at the same time a technological barrier against forgery. The proposed innovation is related to the use of a matrix of points, similar to the Data Matrix, but realized with a larger number of colors. For a given specific surface, the usage of four or five colors, as allowed by the Data Matrix Code, makes it possible to increase the number of color combinations, and doing so, to convey a greater amount of information than through the bi-color QR code.

For the development of the code, three are the issues to be addressed:

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